What Happened to Monday

Netflix’s original movie “What Happened to Monday” was a very anticipated release for viewers.

The two hour long movie is packed with lots of suspense and action, Directed by Tommy Wirkola and written by Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson.

The movie follows seven identical sisters though their life in a world where families are only allowed to have one child due to overpopulation. Because there were seven, each sister had a name from one of the days of the week. On their day, they would be able to go out into the real world. They all had their own style and personalities, but they would all go under one name and person known as Karen Setman.

As time goes on, the sisters grow up and each have something to contribute to the one job ‘Karen Setman’ has. It is a joint effort to all remain under that one name; therefore, whatever happens to one sister has to happen to the other sisters.

One night, Monday doesn’t come home after work causing a panic for the rest of her sisters. The next day Tuesday goes out for work and never comes home as well. That’s when authorities show up to kill all the rest of the sisters, starting a war between the sisters and the government.

In just a few days, they unravel what really happened to Monday and Tuesday and uncover Monday’s darkest secret.

The movie was packed with suspenseful action that leaves people on the edge of their seats the entire time; however, the movie takes a different turn than where everyone thought. The entire movie has viewers routing for all the sisters to fight the government and end up safe in the end. Those hopes are soon crushed when most of the sisters end up dead in the end.

The movie could have gone in a better direction because most of the movie consisted of siblings dying left and right, which is a waste of two hours. If they had wrote a different ending and plot, things might have worked better in their favor. With all the death included in this movie, it is safe to say that the 58 percent rating on rotten tomatoes is accurate.

Overall, the acting was great, but the whole plot of the movie was not. If they had done things differently, the movie might have matched how well the acting was.