Go Trolls

In this day and age, we are exposed to so much negativity through the media. When are we able to take a moment and find peace? For a while, I could only find so many outlets that could radiate positivity; however, none of those compare to the light at the end of the tunnel that is “Trolls (2016)”. “Trolls” tells the story of Poppy, princess of the trolls, who must go and save her friends from the Bergens, along with her polar opposite, Branch. Through their adventure, they discover friendship and happiness despite the challenges they face. We can all learn from Poppy and Branch that even when things get bad, we can hope and persevere.

One thing that I greatly appreciated was the fun and colorful aesthetic. The bright colors were able to keep the audience awake as they witnessed a beautiful spectrum on screen. We get so caught up on a minimalistic scheme that it’s a nice refresher on how beautiful color is. Color represents life in this movie, and I appreciated how this was symbolized through color.

Now, the characters are what truly make this movie amazing. Poppy is the bubbly and strong leader that learns how to preserve through tough times and guide her people. Branch is the sarcastic one who learns to find optimism in life and in the bad times. My personal favorite was Mr. Dinkles, as he was the cutest and reminded me of my dog. Then there are the Bergens, Bridget, the maid who learns to be confident in herself, which ultimately earns the king’s love. Though these characters are displayed cheesily, they showcase real feeling and problems that the average person faces in their everyday life.

I also could not praise the comedy enough! The screenplay writers had the perfect mix of cheesy puns and situational humor that had me laughing the entire time. Many writers today take advantage of crude humor and even make fun of matters that are serious in their humor; however, Trolls takes a positive light in their humor and continues to have the mature audiences laughing while also keeping children entertained.

Overall, I recommend this movie to everyone and anyone. This movie serves as a reminder that happiness and hope are always possible no matter how bad it can get. If you’re ever feeling down, play the movie “Trolls (2016)”. I promise that you will finish with a new sense of hope about life.