Boys bowling advances one bowler to Sectionals

The boys bowling team ended their season with a record of 7-10.
This year, senior Christian Kostner advanced to Sectionals. His average score during a match for the season was 202. His highest score in a game was 231, and his highest series score was 1211.
“Going to Sectionals can be pretty hard when it’s just you out there competing, but as a team, playing can feel more comfortable,” said head coach Greg Geiger.
Junior Nathan Staley is in his second year for bowling and has made improvements from last year. Staley had many goals this year, but one of his main goals was to start on varsity and get his average up.
“My goals this year were to start on varsity, which I was able to do. I also wanted to have my average go up,” Staley said.
Staley’s goal for next year is to represent North at Sectionals and have a chance to go to State.
“My goals for next year are to make Sectionals as an individual and represent North,” Staley said.
Senior Ein Atwater was in his third year of bowling and said he had enjoyed each year because of his improvement of the game and his sportsmanship throughout the years.
“I improved a lot from last year. I improved on my sportsmanship and bonding with my teammates. I’m also really mentally concentrated in the game and wanting to get better for not only myself but for the team,” Atwater said.
Geiger has been coaching for ten years. Geiger enjoys coaching because of the interaction he gets with his students.
“I like being able to help students reach their goals and be able to see them succeed,” Geiger said.