Varsity boys basketball defeats Round Lake


Maggie Walker

The varsity boys basketball team moves the ball down the court in the game against Round Lake on Feb. 5.

The boys basketball team faced one of their rivals, the Round Lake Panthers, on Tuesday, February 5. The game ended with North taking home a win with the score being 65 to 50.

The game started off with a jumpball ending with North getting a hand on the ball, thus beginning the game. The team starts off strong with Tony Hines shooting the first three pointer of the night then Ryan Connelly scores the first layup of the game.

“They play as a team, win as a team and lose as a team!” said sophomore Matthew Mauritz

At the end of the first quarter, the score was 14 to 12. Round Lake then started the next quarter with the ball trying to make a comeback when Connelly gets fouled by #22. Connelly using his free throw makes a basket but then misses the next one. The next free throw of the game was scored by Round Lake’s player #5 doing the same as Connelly, missing a basket and making one.

The rest of the game, both teams scored more points in the hope of winning. But only one team can bring home a win, North being that team Tuesday night.