Green Room Theatre Company travels to Theatrefest 2019

Nadia Hernandez
Students see the All-state show In the Heights

From January 10th to the 12th, Green Room Theater Company participated in the 2019 Illinois High School Theater Festival held at the University of Illinois. During the trip, students were able to attend workshops regarding different areas in fine arts and watch shows presented from different schools all over the state.

Students were able to walk around the campus and choose their own schedules for the day, which meant they could do what interested them.

“Theatrefest was such a fun opportunity for me to go out with my friends and experience life with the arts. Being able to see so much talent in one space was something I’ll never forget,” said junior Austin Glass.

Everyone who attended the festival was required to see this year’s All-State show, “In the Heights”. The cast was made up by high school students all over the state.

“One of my favorite memories was seeing the All-State show, which you could just tell they worked really hard on, and they had an amazing cast. The show was super enjoyable! Also getting a chance to spend a weekend with my friends was so fun,” said sophomore Hillary Collins.

Workshops consisted of subjects that related to theater or fine arts. Students attended workshops on dance, singing, improvisation, and costumes. These were taught by teachers from all over the state, as well as students from the school.

“Theaterfest was one of the best parts of my high school experience so far. I had so much fun with my friends because we had the freedom to explore and enjoy ourselves, as well as go see some amazing shows. Everyone was so talented and I would love to go see them over and over again,” said senior Ian Doyle.

Students were able to learn and experience a place dedicated to theater.