Students enjoy dodgeball tournament before finals

Every year, the P.E. department has a dodgeball tournament before the first semester is done, and if a team wins your class tournament, that team can continue on and play after their final is over.  

Junior Neil Rayan participated in the dodgeball tournament, and according to him, he had a fun time playing with his friends and wished his team had won more games.

“I enjoyed myself. I love playing sports with my friends because it is competitive and it connects everyone together,” Rayan said.

When asked if he would do this next year, Rayan replied with a yes.

“I would totally do this next year because it’s a Grayslake North tradition, and it’s fun competing with other students,”  Rayan said.

Senior David Uriostegui also participated in the dodgeball tournament and said the tournament was nerve racking because its super competitive with everyone in the class. There was one team that they lost to earlier in the week.

“That team was dominating every other team in the class, so we knew we were probably going to play them in the finals,” Uriostegui said.

Uriostegui’s team ended up meeting them in the finals but fell short. The team they lost to ended up going to the school championship, and they fell short to another team.

P.E. teacher Collin McKillip announced the dodgeball games and was excited to see all the competitive teams play.

“It was fun and enjoyable to see all these teams play and watch the competitiveness,” McKillip said.