Dorothy Must Die review

“The Wizard of Oz” is an old tale that never dies in the eyes of children. It was written as a book, and then the movie adaptation was adapted along with some other movies about the young girl Dorothy that some people may not know of.

Anybody can remember Dorothy Gale, the sweet, innocent farm girl from Kansas who was swept away in a tornado to the land of Oz. In the end, she finds her way home, and that’s how the story goes.

But what if Dorothy Gale went back to Oz? That’s exactly what Danielle Paige thought to herself when she started writing her series “Dorothy Must Die.”

The story centers around a young girl named Amy Gumm from Kansas who lives in a trailer park with her drug addict mother and is just trying to make her way through high school without getting into much trouble. She, like Dorothy, ends up being brought to Oz in a tornado.

She arrives thinking Oz was the same place, but she soon finds out that Oz is not the same place from the movie or books; it’s a dark and evil world. The cause of such darkness is none other than Dorothy Gale herself, and Amy is sent on a mission to kill her because her rebel group thinks she the only one with the power to kill Dorothy.

Paige brings back the excitement and magic that is the land of Oz. The imagery is so perplexed that it takes the reader into the book and makes a person feel like they are the main character. Paige takes the old version of the original books and uses those ideas but twists them into her own while still keeping everything as original as possible.

The series itself doesn’t get the right amount of publicity it should as the story contains so much twists and turns that it is hard to predict what will happen next. It’s definitely a book for readers who enjoy fantasy oriented books.

Paige is also the author of “Stealing Snow” which is a twist from the original story “The Snow Queen” which was released in 2016. She released the first book of “Dorothy Must Die” in 2014 and the last called “The End Oz” in 2017.

There are also novellas and other stories on Oz she has written. All of them add another depth to the unique world.