Art classes create tape murals


Robots of all shapes and sizes lined the walls of the C wing, each one made from tape. Students from 2D Art classes worked with one another in order to make the robots interact with each other.
“We started by learning two point linear perspective. Then students made a catalog of theme specific robot parts to encourage unique concepts and collaboration within their groups. The robots were required to have a theme of ‘Life at GNHS.’ Students selected something relevant to their lives as a high school student here,” said visual arts teacher Kelly Bott.
The students broke the theme down into different categories with things such as academics, school spirit and athletics, which were then broken down further into specific clubs, classes and sports.
“I think the robots were a way of expressing how much we can be changed at this age. If we want a different hair color with a different haircut, we can get it done. If we want to get our ears pierced, we can, just like how the robots can have different arms or legs. In a way, we’re all robots just trying to find a look or a way that suits us best,” said freshman Asia Bond.
Students divided up into groups, and each student had to build their own robot. Each group got a section of a wall to make their robot on.
“Bott and I thought that it would be a unique learning experience for students to work large and create public art,” said visual arts teacher Randy Sweitzer.
The murals were designed starting on Oct. 24 and will remain on the walls until after winter break.