Students study for finals

Finals are tests students at North have to take every year at the end of every semester. Studying is a huge part of finals because everyone wants to get a good score on the assessment because students could improve their grade if it’s low and improve their GPA.

Senior Logan Williams at North studies around ten or less hours a week for finals because he has a motive to get better grades and get a scholarship.

“I study for at least 10 or less hours a week because I want to be able to go to college and earn a scholarship,” Williams said.

English teacher Pat Green prepares his students for the finals by having his students work on composing an essay.

“The essay prompts are based on texts the students have read and annotated ahead of time, and students are allowed to bring in outlines that they have completed, and then they write the essay on the day of the final. In the weeks leading up to the finals, I help my students understand the texts used for the prompts,” Green said.

When students do well on their final, Green is proud of them because of the hard work they put in during the whole semester.

“When students do well, I feel proud of them and of myself for the combined work we have achieved,” Green said.

Senior Eric Kang studies a little bit every day one or two weeks leading up to the final so that he could get a full understanding of each final he is taking.

“It’s impossible to cram everything for all your classes and remember it all, so I try to really understand the subject instead of memorizing answers,” Kang said.

Finals are important to Kang because if he has a low grade in a class, a final can bring up his grade.

“Doing well on the final can bring grades up by a couple percentages sometimes. In classes where my grade isn’t too high, finals are even more important, because they can bring grades up by a lot,” Kang said.