Snowball builds community at Camp Duncan


Snowball, the team building and leadership club, traveled to Camp Duncan with students from Grayslake North, Grayslake Central and Round Lake High School.
According to sponsor Mary Prange, the club helps to build a community in the districts through teamwork building exercises and communication, which is why the students went to Camp Duncan.
“Sometimes we get caught up in our own lives and forget to take time for ourselves. Snowball serves as a reminder to do that. It’s a good fit for my message, which is all about self-love,” said guest speaker Jim Love.
The students were divided into groups, each group with its own theme. Group themes included superheroes, pajamas, white-out, and more. The groups took turns participating in the activities at Camp Duncan.
“From a low ropes course to a meditation session and an amazing speaker, we do so many things at Snowball. We do these types of activities to work on team building and communication, but we also do it to create these different relationships and to make such memorable memories,” said sophomore Jessica Pozezinski.
Snowball was organized by math teacher Mary Prange and world language teacher Nikki Kirchway in conjunction with administration from all three schools.
“Both Nikki Kirchway and I love the idea of helping to spread positivity within Grayslake North and our surrounding communities. Our students are the main reason why we organize and sponsor Snowball. Seeing our students spreading kindness, helping others and practicing leadership skills is truly amazing and makes our hearts happy,” said Snowball sponsor Mary Prange.
Prange and Kirchway organized the event in order to spread positivity and to give students a place free of stress. According to Love, they succeeded.
“When you go to Snowball, whatever you’re feeling, all the stuff going on, use that day to drop the mask. Take all the things you learned and put them in real life,” Love said.