Adventure Challenge travels to climbing gym

Adventure challenge education tested out their climbing and peer belaying skills on their rock climbing field trip Nov 30. Throughout the beginning of the school year, students learned how to tie the knots used in climbing and secure their classmates while they climb.

“While the nature of the activity lends itself to some serious risks, when taught and executed properly, there is very little risk involved,” said Adventure Challenge Education teacher Jesse Wolter.  “One thing that is stressed in this unit is the idea of developing a ‘critical eye’. Everyone involved is responsible for the climber and should be looking for things that don’t look right. With everyone double and triple checking everything, there are also proper safety measures provide a multitude of back-ups in case something were to be were to happen.” 

Climbing also presents an aspect of team building.

“Throughout the climbing unit, we had to work a lot with our classmates,” said senior Avery Fess. “I got to know a lot of people I ordinarily wouldn’t have, and it was really fun.”

Belaying and climbing are skills that the students learned in class, practicing both speed and accuracy through certain activities.

“Climbing is a skill I probably wouldn’t have a chance to learn pretty much anywhere else,” said senior Danielle Geissberger. “Yes, belaying may not be a skill you use every day, but you never know when you may have to tie a strong knot or something.”

Although heights may make some students anxious, others welcome the challenge. According to Geissberger, a few students were apprehensive at the beginning of the unit but by the end most embraced the challenge.

“There were a lot of anxious people when Mr. Wolter first announced what we were going to do, but by the end everyone was comfortable enough to have fun and be safe,” Geissberger said.