Life Sentence Review

The CW program has decided to cancel the show “Life Sentence” after only a 13 episode season in June of this year.

The main character Stella was diagnosed with cancer at a young age and was given a timespan in which she would live. Stella took the news with a grain of salt and started living life as if every day was her last. That resulted in her marrying a man she met and fell in love with all in a few months.

Everything goes wrong for Stella when she finds out she no longer has cancer. She has to do life for real, and it was something she never thought about because she was always thinking about her death.

Her family had kept her happy through her battle with cancer, but when she is cured, she finds out her family acted happy around her. The Abbott family was actually very dysfunctional, leaving Stella with the idea that she will fix everything.

Despite how interesting the show sounds, ratings didn’t do very well with the CW audience. It was not a hit, causing the show to be cancelled just after its first season.

Some of the reasons for that could be that it was too unrealistic. The storyline could have worked if the writers had decided to make the situation more realistic and relatable to the audience. It’s not very relatable and wasn’t what anybody wanted to see.

Another reason for the show’s cancellation could be because of the acting. The show was already written as unrealistic, so casting actors that try to be too dramatic made a bad combination. There were moments in the show where the characters were arguing, but it was hard to keep up because the actors were being too dramatic with their actions.

If the show was run for a second season, it might have done better if the writer started to make more relatable situations for the characters and gave actors more to work with.

On the other hand, it was a good enough show to sit down and watch if time needed to be passed. It wasn’t as bad as it looked, but it could have been better.