Green Room comes to stage with Moon Over Buffalo


This fall, Grayslake North’s theatre company put on a comedy called “Moon Over Buffalo” on October 25 through the 28, that over 60 students have worked hard on since the start of the school year.

Clare McConville is the director of this year’s fall play. The play included many talented actors and actresses that have been working with the show’s crew to make everything perfect for the audience.

“It’s a lot of fun…you get to see your work manifest on stage.” said sophomore Lauren Hunt.

Everyone rehearses for two months, putting so much effort into what they do. They were all very eager to see all of their work slowly come to life as the actors and actresses walk on stage.

“I absolutely love the cast and how they are bringing the script to life. It’s a really funny show, and we have a lot talented actors and actresses, ” McConville said.

Though the show is a comedy, it’s considered a farce because it was fast moving and crazy in its own way. There were fight scenes and a play within the play; glass was shattered and tears fell. But in the end, everyone died of laughter. When the audience was watching the show and enjoying, little did they know that the crew was in the crowd or behind stage looking and listening hoping everyone liked all the work they did.

“I love when the students have pride in their work and they’re really really proud to say come see my show and look at how great this is,” McConville said.

For the cast and crew, this show was a great experience and something they are proud to be a part of.

“This is one of my favorite shows I’ve done here. The show itself is so well written, and the whole company is doing great. I’m going to miss doing this when the show ends, but it’s such a fun show to do,” said senior Ian Doyle.