Richard Moung

“Everything went quiet, which felt weird, and I went to look behind me…” said junior Richard Moung.
Moung is one of the few who have encountered a paranormal experience. In his personal story, Moung saw a mysterious presence.
“I had a weird feeling that I was not alone, but I was the only one upstairs. I could hear everyone downstairs, but I felt a little off,” Moung said
There are speculations on what to notice when experiencing paranormal activity, like changes in temperature, uneasy feelings and a decrease in noise.
Moung had these experiences in Georgia while on vacation at a family’s house. Moung describes seeing a mysterious figure that he and others in his
family have seen before.
“There was a mirrior in a closet that faced the bathroom I was in and I could usually see myself in it. But when I looked up, I saw a woman with long hair instead,” Moung said
Since then, he hasn’t experienced anything similar but remembers every moment of the paranormal activity he had been through. Despite when others call him a liar, he remains confident in what he had seen.
“When people tell me that it’s all fake, I don’t care. They didn’t go through what I went through, and hopefully, they won’t. I can’t convince them. All I know is that what I saw was real,” Moung said
People in his family are all avid believers in Buddhist religion and have statues of Buddha around their home.
“When people want to mess with Ouija boards or with spirits, I try not to. It was a scary experience and I don’t want to upset anything. I’ll put out Buddha statues until I feel safe,” Moung said