Kyle Heuer

One of North’s very own works at Six Flags Fright Fest during the months of September and October.
Senior Kyle Heuer has been working at Six Flags for two years. He dresses up as a henchman clown during Fright Fest, scaring people throughout the night. Heuer works around 30 hours on weekends.
“It usually takes fifteen minutes to put on all the makeup, but it takes 30-45 minutes to take off. All the heavy coverups give us characters colored faces,” Heuer said.
The goal for the scarers at Fright Fest is to scare people. According to Heuer, the scarers enjoy it. Fright Fest is one of Six Flags most popular seasons during their months of operations.
“One of my favorite memories from working at Six Flags was when I scared someone and he fell on his own son,” Heuer said.
Fright Fest offers many different costumes and characters for their scares, such as vampires, zombies, clowns, and lumberjacks with chainsaws. They even have a Boogeyman.
“The Boogeyman is one of the scariest monsters because of the way he chases people and how he has a creepy [sword],” Heuer said.
During Fright Fest’s “witching hour,” scarers participate in a parade.
“We do this witching hour, and all the monsters particicpate in the event. It’s a blast to have and to be a part in.” Heuer said.
Fright Fest will continue until Wednesday, October 31, Halloween.