Knights Way honors Hispanic Heritage Month

October is the month of recognizing and celebrating the Latinx culture and people of Latinx heritage. The Knights Way group hosted a movie night on October 11 to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, with members of the Latinx community at North.
“[Culture should be celebrated] to showcase some pride for people that have Latinx heritage,” said student assistance program coordinator Jenny Andersen.
For the school’s way of celebrating Latinx culture they put on a movie night. They played the movie “COCO” in the library and served popcorn. “COCO” is a Disney film where the main character is a little boy named Miguel, and he takes a visit to the land of the dead on Día de los Muertos or The Day of the Dead.
“I had a lot of fun with my friends, and they had popcorn and soda to offer us. Everyone there was super nice and super welcoming,” said junior Abigail Tompoles.
Tompoles went to the October movie night with friends. She looks forward to more movie nights that the Knights Way club puts on. The Knights Way group at North is a group committed to inclusion, promoting diversity, and coordinating activities for the improvement of the school community.
“One thing that makes North really wonderful in my opinion and very unique is all the diversity,” Anderson said.
The Knights Way group also organizes events for African American Heritage Month, as well as organizing events to celebrate LGBT students, in an attempt to include all members of North’s community. According to Anderson, celebrating Latinx culture is especially important to celebrate given the diversity within the culture itself.
“Latinx culture is so broad…it encompasses Mexico and parts of the Caribbean and Central and South America. It’s such a broad and diverse range of cultures that can be celebrated and different traditions,” Anderson said.