Literary magazine hosts running of the movie Hocus Pocus


Literary magazine hosted a movie run of 1993’s Hocus Pocus to celebrate the fall and Halloween after school on Wednesday.

The club decided it would be a fun thing to host a movie, buy treats and pizza and have a good time, due to the amount of money they have for the club.

“We have a huge budget, so I thought, why not buy a whole bunch of treats,” said English teacher Stephanie Church.

There were lots of October themed treats like caramel apples, pumpkin pie, rice crispy treats and many more. By the end, most of the food was gone and everyone hair their share.

“There was a ton of food. It was nice to have all the different options. Personally my favorite was the caramel apples,” said sophomore student Sophia Ashley.

There was much more people to come than expected, but the movie being played attracted lots of students who encouraged their friends to come along with them.

“I really like the movie, and I wanted a chance to watch it with a group of people, hang out, laugh and have fun,” said junior student Grant Andrea.

During the whole duration of the movie, friends got to bond over their love and enjoyment for the 25 year old movie. Some people playfully pointed out things wrong with the movie, while others would recite lines with the movie.

“I’d say generally the best part is hanging out with your friends and having fun. I mean, sure, it’s fun to watch the movie, but the best part is being able to watch it with your friends,” Andrea said.

For the people that went, they got to surround themselves in a celebration of fall and watch one of the best Halloween movies ever made, as some people might argue. It was something everyone enjoyed and would love to do again if given the chance.

“I had fun the first time. I wouldn’t mind being able to do it again,” Andrea said.