Students march for freedom


Every year, the Psychology Club holds a service project to raise money for a good cause. This year they hosted the March for Freedom on October 20, starting at Grayslake Central, in order to raise awareness about human trafficking and to raise funds for the abolition of this practice.

The route was approximately three miles, starting at Grayslake Central and looping around most of downtown Grayslake. All funds from this march went to A21, an organization with participants all around the globe dedicated to abolishing modern slavery and rescuing people stuck in human trafficking and slavery.

“Human trafficking is the second largest crime in the world. Only one percent of victims get rescued,” said sophomore and Psychology Club member Jacqueline Weekley.

The club tried to reach at least one hundred dollars to donate to A21. They reached $585 to free victims and to raise awareness of these issues.

“No one ever talks about this issue; it’s like it’s taboo. But raising awareness will help with this issue,” said senior and Psychology Club member Malcolm Watson.

Though slavery may seem like a thing of the past, it is very real. In the twenty-first century, slavery is the illegal trade and recruitment for human bodies and labor. This illegal practice leads to all kinds of abuse for the victims, such as mental abuse, physical abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, and sexual abuse.

“We have the power to change these statistics, and we will change them now,” said Psychology Club supervisor Catherine Dodd.