German Club hosts Oktoberfest


This past Wednesday, Grayslake North held its second annual Oktoberfest.

Victoria Frederichs and Amanda Bachinger are two students who are both in the German Club and class at North. They helped create and bring to life the school’s Oktoberfest that they are both very proud of.     

“As a German Club, we want to outreach that German culture to other people,” Frederichs said.

The girls and the rest of their club worked hard on making this Oktoberfest a success. There was music, all kinds of food and drinks and many people dressed in proper German attire. Many families attended with little kids and all the Austrian exchange students were there as well. For the German Club, all their hard work paid off.

The students wish to have more people involved with more cultures. One of those cultures being German. Both of the girls were then asked what their favorite thing was about the German culture and both responded with the same answer…Food!

“As much as the food is really good, the fact that it feels like it’s a world away but it’s actually relatively similar to what we have,” Frederichs said.

Bachinger agreed with Frederichs on how the culture here in America and in German are close to the same. But still even though they are close they are still different in their own amazing ways.