Publications win awards at regional conference

The yearbook earned a first place rating and the newspaper earned an All-KEMPA rating at the Kettle Moraine Press Association Fall Conference on October 12.

The Journalism, Yearbook, and Broadcasting Journalism classes all went to UW-Whitewater for the annual KEMPA Conference.

“I decided to go to KEMPA this year because my whole class was going and it seemed like a good opportunity to learn more about yearbook production,” said junior Hannah Raleigh.

All the students who attended got the opportunity to go to three different sessions of their choosing to help expand their knowledge on certain topics.

“One of the session I attended was for yearbook design. Designing is something I am truly interested in, as it is a part of the class, but I also think it’s an idea that helps with creativity and shows how creative people are,” said junior Heather Berreles.

Going to KEMPA didn’t only give students a few different sites on journalism and yearbook, but it also gave an opportunity to meet new people who had similar interests.

“When I was going there I was just expecting to learn some stuff with only my specific school, and then when we were done just leaving. Since not everyone went to the same sessions, I had the opportunity to meet people that I would have never met if I did not go on this trip. I think the whole trip has a good vibe, and you get to meet really cool people during it,” said junior Courtney Mettler.

KEMPA gives the opportunity to not only be an exciting trip, but also be a productive time for people to learn new aspects.

“I thought KEMPA was great. It was super fun and productive, plus it taught me a lot about yearbook, making spreads, and how to take pictures properly,” Raleigh said.

Overall, KEMAPA gives students many different opportunities to learn and grow as a writer, broadcaster, and designer.

“I don’t think I would be able to learn the things I learned at KEMPA anywhere else. For example, I went to a session that was a panel of journalists, and hearing their owns stories was inspiring. The advice they gave was honestly amazing, and I’m so glad I went to the session. In the end, KEMPA was a trip I will go on as long as I have the opportunity because of how great the atmosphere is there,” Mettler said.