Nomad of Nowhere

The Youtube series “Nomad of Nowhere,” created by the company and channel RoosterTeeth, is an unusual story taking place in a version of the Wild West. The main character, the Nomad, is a silent sorcerer that can bring objects to life by clapping. He takes the stereotype of a silent, brooding wizard and turns it on its head. The Nomad is extremely expressive through use of hand gestures, head shakes, and goofy sound effects. He is hunted by bounty hunters and anyone after the reward of turning him in, and all sorts of hijinks ensue. The most determined by far is Toth, a warrior woman who is first introduced as a fierce woman who will sacrifice anything to capture the Nomad. Toth is accompanied by a crew of other soldiers that provide comic relief during the most tense of times. These tense times are normally when they are in hot pursuit of the Nomad, but something, be it a quirky and creepy undertaker, a carnival, or a living waterwheel, distracts them for long enough to let the Nomad make his escape. Skout is a loyal spittoon girl with a big heart and Toth’s right hand woman, making her an interesting contrast to Toth’s chilly demeanor.

The show has no shortage of characters for people to invest their heart and soul into. Each character, from the Nomad to the flamboyant governor to a living music box, is three dimensional and has motives that the audience can relate to. Even the villains have personalities and are not stereotypical, like a man who cracks jokes with the frightened villagers as he hunts down the Nomad. Toth has very good reasons for why she tries to capture the Nomad, and is shown to be extremely caring to Skout, even when others call Skout useless or a dunderhead.

“Nomad of Nowhere” is an excellent show, is well-written, and has imaginative characters that ignore stereotypes and mock them endlessly. It is a show that anyone who enjoys the cartoony art style should watch, and with twelve episodes under its belt, it has won the hearts of hundreds of people.