Green Room prepares comedy Moon Over Buffalo


Green Room is preparing for the upcoming fall show “Moon Over Buffalo” on October 25 and 28.

Actors are rehearsing and becoming their characters, while all the crews are working to make sure everything is perfect for the performance.

“What I do to prepare for my role is go through my script as much as I can, or have people go over it with me, and just dedicate as much to memory as I can each time,” said senior Ian Doyle, who plays George Hayes.

Doyle is playing the lead role of George Hayes, a washed up actor who has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he is old news in the world of acting. He tries to help make his family and himself famous again, but has big misunderstandings with his family along the way.

“I wanted to get this role because this is my last year here, and I’m not planning on acting in the one acts or the musical,” Doyle said.

The actors meet almost every day, and tech crew meets every Tuesday and Saturday to prepare for things that happen behind the scenes. There is much to be done backstage to get everything ready for the actors’ performances. It can be a very stressful thing for crews backstage, but everyone is excited to be helping create an amazing show.

“When setting up for a show, it’s really important for all of us to be coordinated. If we’re all over the place, then the show will probably also be all over the place,” said props crew head Sachin Dubey.

According to Dubey, it is important for Green Room to communicate and get along so that the show can run smoothly and look amazing.

“I hope my crew will have fun during the production. All of us are really creative, and there is a lot for us to work with, so I think we should all enjoy what we’re doing,” Dubey said.

Clare McConville, the theater teacher and the director of the play, is looking forward to doing this play.

“I’m extremely excited to be doing a comedy this year. It’s going to be such much fun, especially with the cast who has such good comedic talent,” McConville said.