Freshmen attend orientation, day of service


Freshmen Orientation was a day of meeting new people and getting to see others after the summer.

“Freshmen orientation really helped me see what North is like, and it also helped me to see what my peers are like too since I’m coming into school with new people,” said freshman Tanvi Shahi.

The Link Crew leaders spent the Thursday and Friday before orientation preparing so that the orientation could run smoothly.

“When I was a freshman, I remember having the feeling of ‘oh what happens when I get lost or I have no one to talk to. That was part of why I became a Link Crew leader. Spending the days leading up to orientation really helped me gain the knowledge that I needed to guide the freshmen in my group through the day. Thankfully we have a great group of teachers and other students willing to come to school early to be a part of Link Crew and to show the freshmen that North can just be like another home to them,” said junior Abby Tompoles.

Link Crew leaders helped to create a happy and healthy environment for the freshmen so they can be themselves.

“All of the people, older and my peers, were all so nice with showing me around the school and helping me feel more comfortable in a new environment,” said freshman Lily Paulus.

Orientation ran from 8:00 12:00 p.m. with the opportunity to go to the Freshmen Day of Service which followed right after at Feed my Starving Children.

“Service is a very important thing in my family, so attending the day of service following the orientation really helped me to fulfill my kick start at North,” Shahi said.

Overall, orientation helps to give incoming freshmen a view at what to expect at a new school, and with this they can always remember be bold; be you.

“I just want every freshmen to know that anyone will help them if they seem like they need it or if they even ask for help. North is quite big compared to other schools we’ve been to before it, and it has such a great environment with even better people that I could never see a reason for anyone to not benefit from asking for some guidance. Also, just remember to be yourself. Everyone being themselves is what makes North so unique,” Tompoles said.