Athletes come back from injuries

Student athletes seem to struggle with playing sports
and maintaining good grades during the season, but an even
bigger struggle that most athletes go through are injuries,
especially if they play physical sports like football or hockey.

Junior Logan Williams has been playing football for
six years and running track for four years. He has gone
through a lot of injuries during his time.

“I’ve had a couple of concussions and broken bones when I played football, and I
pulled muscles in track,” Logan said.

A big part of going through an injury or even being
sore is taking an ice bath because it can help an athlete
heal and feel good after a long workout.

“It’s so refreshing using an ice bath after track because
it helps my soreness and helps me relax,” Logan said.

Sophomore Joshua Shuman has been playing football
and baseball for ten plus years and has gone through concussions.

“I recovered from my concussion by relaxing. It took
two weeks to heal,” Josh said.

Josh had a speedy recovery and was able to come back and
practice for the football team.

Sophomore Saevion Moore has been playing sports since
he was young and has continued to play sports through
high school, sports such as basketball and track. Basketball
is Saevion’s favorite sport, and he has been playing it for
eight years and has dealt with a lot of injuries through playing
it. Saevion broke his left wrist by trying to dunk a basketball.
His injury caused him to sit out for two months. He
was unable to try out for the next season.

“I was out for two and a half months, and I couldn’t try
out for the freshman basketball team,” Saevion said

Saevion was still able to make the team and came back
from injury halfway through the season. During his recovery,
Saevion practiced on his right arm to stay in shape and
still do something involving basketball.