Students find ways to stay in shape

Summer is just around the corner, the perfect time to lose weight. Trying to stay in shape during the summer can be difficult because a lot of people want to have fun and just enjoy themselves instead of going to the gym.
PE teacher, Bobette Byrne, shared her good experience with kickboxing.
“Kickboxing is the easiest way to work out. It works you out but gets your mind off of how tired you actually are,” Byrne said.
There are lots of classes that can be an intense workout but also remain fun.
“I’ve tried HIIT, It’s hard and not many people hear of it but I liked it,” Byrne said.
Taking workout classes aren’t for everyone, so working out on your own is just as good.
“I think anything that works you out and works a lot on cardio is good,” said PE teacher Michelle Wood.
Of course, sometimes it can be harder to work out on your own. Motivation will make it easier to work out alone.
“It’s easier to work out when you have motivation. For me, music motivates me. Maybe signing up for something that could commit you to reaching a goal like preparing for a 5k or something like that could motivate someone else. Maybe friends can motivate you too,” Health teacher Melissa Smith said.
Smith talked about how she stays active throughout the day with her busy schedule.
“Try to work out as much as you can during your day, take the long way instead of the short way,” Smith said.
There is more to losing weight than just working out. Eating healthy or maybe just not eating as much as you usually do could be beneficial too.
“Don’t deprive yourself of anything, just eat smaller portions. If it’s cookies that you love, eat half of the cookie. Just watch you portion sizes,” Smith said.
One way that is proven to help people lose weight is by tracking their food. You can download apps that track your food for you. Tracking food can be very eye opening, seeing what you eat each day can make you want to eat better. ‘MyFitnessPal’ is one of many food tracking apps that are available to download.