Mr. DeStephano, Nick Anello recount special bond

His senior year, Nick Anello took AP Computer Science taught by Anthony DeStephano, and the class has greatly influenced his future.

Anello loves Computer Science because he is able to study a topic that he finds intriguing.

“I like [Mr. DeStephano’s] teaching because he teaches the concepts well while making the class fun and interesting,”Anello said.

Being passionate about learning, Anello has proven to be a dilligent student, and DeStephano enjoys having him in class.

“What I like about Nick is that he is always looking to better himself. He is able to do what he needs to do exactly right, and he is never afraid to ask questions,” DeStephano said.

Through learning and listening to advice from DeStephano, Anello has been able to successfully develop his plan for after high school.

“[Mr. DeStephano] helped me choose my major of computer science, and he encouraged me to pursue it,” Anello said.

The two will miss each other next year as Nick leaves for the University of Minnesota to study computer science, but Anello will always appreciate learning from DeStephano.