Green Room inducts new Thespians

Green Room inducted new members to the National Thespian Honor Society.

The Thespian Society recognizes students who dedicate time to theatre.

“The requirement to become a Thespian is to work 100 hours,” said vice president of Green Room Rhaya Montoya.

Hours come from working as a technician or actor in a production. At the end of the year, officers count the recorded hours and invite people to become inducted.

“I first got inducted my sophomore year after I got my 100 hours. I felt so happy and accomplished for getting all those hours,” said junior Julianna Bennet “I was surrounded by friends who had become family to me, and everyone accepted me with warm and open arms.”

Skits are created before the ceremony to recreate memories.

“My favorite part were the skits, where all the underclassmen joked with the seniors and their personalities, and then the seniors joked about the underclassmen in the same way,” said sophomore Austin Glass.

Sponsors and officers helped plan the ceremony.

“It was very exciting because the officers can’t wait to honor the members of Green Room and the hard work they have put into our shows. I always love showing off the talent of our members,” Montoya said.

Inductees are given a pin and certificate to officiate their Thespianship.

“Being a Thespian represents my dedication to theater and the company, and I feel like if anyone were to hear that I was one, they would know that I am heavily involved in the company and that it is such a large part of my life,” Glass said.

Seniors are also recognized during the ceremony.

“I feel so honored to be a Thespian. It gave me a title I could be truly proud of,” Montoya said. “It means to me that nothing I’ve done goes unnoticed.”