AP testing overlaps with final exams

Upcoming AP tests overlap with the second semester finals for the first time in District 127 history. The students have a week and weekend where they are able to reschedule their final exams due to AP tests.
“I think [AP testing] plays an incredible role for students to be able to celebrate all their knowledge for the year. They worked really hard toward this chance to be able to prove their knowledge and skills. Other advantages for AP tests would be beyond just the practical knowledge and skills that they’re developing, it can help with colleges, it can help them with placement into college, and credit,” said Associate Principal of curriculum Jeff Schagrin.
Each student is preparing themselves in different ways.
“To prepare myself for finals and AP tests, I’ve been trying to review past materials more and more every night, because reviewing it more often could help me memorize the material better for tests,” said sophomore Abby Tompoles.
Studying for these tests can also show what a student has learned throughout the school year and he new skills they have developed.
“This will remind me of everything I have learned so far this year, which will help me do well on the finals and also keep my stress levels low so I can enjoy myself too,” said sophomore Chloe Berna.
Having AP tests can also benefit students by giving them a chance for extra studying to increase their grades on the other finals they have to take.
“Ideally, when you prepare for an end of the year exam, it’s not the cram season the night before. You’re preparing throughout the year, so if you’ve been up to date with homework and assignments, if you’ve done fairly well on all of your assessments throughout the year. then that’s a pretty good indication of how prepared you are for those end of the year tests,” said Principal Dr. James Roscoe.