Winchester Review

If you don’t like scary movies, “Winchester” is not for you. “Winchester” is based on a true story and a real house. The Winchester mansion is a tourist attraction in San Jose, California, that visitors want to go there because they believe it is truly haunted. It is believed that the Winchester house is haunted by the ghosts of those killed by Winchester guns. The movie had a thrilling plot and a lot of jump scares that can get your heart racing. In my opinion, the movie had a good storyline, but I wish the movie had showed more of the house. The mansion is constantly being constructed, and the owner believes that if she ever stops building, the ghosts will hurt her. The house has seven stories, hallways, doors, and stairs that go nowhere. The mansion is truly odd, whether it’s haunted is up to whether or not you believe in ghosts. The movie did a good job showing how and why it is haunted. I ended up liking the movie because I liked the idea behind it, ghosts haunting a woman because her family’s guns killed them. But my only real complaint is how it lacked in originality. It’s all the same, doors randomly shutting, strange noises in the walls, floors creaking. The storyline is original, though the jump scares and interactions with ghosts were not. Overall I would recommend this movie if you’re a fan of horror.