Broadway star comes to Green Room


Most theatre kids dream of going to Broadway and performing. Luckily, Green Room Theatre Company had the opportunity to have Broadway come to them. Chuck Wagner, professional Broadway actor, came to North to help workshop through the upcoming spring musical, Into the Woods.

Wagner has had various major roles in productions like the original “Into the Woods,” “Les Miserables,” and “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway. Wagner had a presentation about his background in the fine arts and on various characters in the show. Throughout his time, he focused on character work, a better understanding of the show for the cast, and for the audience.

“It was amazing to have to him come to the Black Box. Since he was part of the original production, his insight had a unique influence,” said freshman Aaron Stone, who plays Jack in North’s production.
Students were given the opportunity by their director who got involved in a program that is made for professionals to help theatre programs and inspire young actors. Wagner also had told his experiences as an actor.

“I was never exhausted or bored playing the same role each night. I always give 100 percent when acting, and it always felt new,” Wagner said.

Senior Alex Schmelter was given the part of Rapunzel’s Prince, that Wagner had also originally played.
“When we first found out that he was coming, I was super excited. I had initially researched him when I had gotten the part,” Schmelter said, “I drew a lot of inspiration from him.”

For a lot of the students in theatre, it was a once in a lifetime experience to meet and work with a professional Broadway actor.

“He brought a new energy that we needed. When we reworked scenes, he made them simpler, but better,” said senior Nicholas Ang.

Wagner had also inspired some students for a future in the fine arts, especially musical theatre and acting.

“He really went into detail about how we got where he did and that it was achievable,” Stone said.
His viewpoint of the show brought to light new ideas and brought back some enthusiasm.
“Wagner brought a whole new side of analysis to some of the characters and actions. It did help us with our character work,” Schmelter said. “The show felt new again, and that old excitement came back.”