Winter Guard accomplishes goals

The winter guard team at the school is working hard to choreograph routines to win competitions against other high schools.

Led by captains Melissa Olhausen, Amanda Wright, Amanda Gustafson, and Alex Ludford and supervisor Brittany Thomas, these routines include fake rifles and two sizes of flags averaging about three to four feet for the short flags and six feet for the tall flags.

“I love color guard and winter guard,” said freshman Lily Porter. “It’s the only reason I’m still in band.”

Winter guard has already faced five competitions and has consistently performed well. Before the semester ends, they have one additional competition until the statewide performance.

“My favorite memory from winter guard is always our last performance at championships because the team is always so unified, and you can feel the amount of emotions that everyone puts into the show while performing,” said captain Melissa Olhausen.

This year the championships are taking place in LaPorte, Indiana, on April 7.

“Sunday competitions are early mornings while Saturday competitions are late night,” Porter said. “Our competitions on Saturdays will go until about ten o’clock [at night].”

There is more work that goes into winter guard than just the competitions. Routines need to be choreographed, altered, and then thoroughly practiced.

“Our coach and captains start out with choreography, and all members help to make it look its best,” said senior and winter guard captain Alex Ludford. “[To do this we meet] two nights a week for three hours each practice.”