Trivia HQ has taken over GNHS

Twice a day, millions of people from around the world stop what they are doing, reach for their phones, and open the HQ trivia app with hopes to win cash.
“HQ is a trivia game where you answer 12 questions. If you answer all questions correctly, you can win money that is split throughout the winners,” said freshman Charlie Lay.
HQ trivia is a live game show accessible on a mobile device. There are two games played every day, one at 2:00 p.m. and one at 8:00 p.m. The 2:00 p.m. game falls during seventh hour at Grayslake North, and with only two chances to win daily, many students play during class.
“Usually if we’re not doing anything too important in class, most of classmates and I play the game at 2:00 p.m.,” said sophomore Nicole Lacke.
To secure their spot in the game and their chances at winning, participants must open the app before the game begins. If a player is late to the game, he or she will be unable to compete. This rule has led to a rise of students at North playing the game during their seventh hour classes.
“Anytime students are on their phones and not paying attention, it’s distracting and disrespectful. While I don’t think it’s a significant issue, students should be respectful to their teacher and put their phones away when asked to do so,” said social studies teacher Denise Franta.
While students play often, winning a prize is a rare occurrence. Charlie Lay is one of the few people who have won, and he has the eight dollar prize to prove it.
“If you want to win, always go with your gut feeling and where your eyes are drawn to first,” Lay said.