Knights Way organizes diversity celebration

This March, Grayslake North celebrates Diversity Month 2018. The Knights Way group hosted the Culturally Diverse Supershow talent show that was open for students to sign up and perform.
Students from the Knights Way group weigh in on the importance of acknowledging diversity at school.
“I think it’s important to celebrate and embrace diversity rather than fear it because everyone has a different story, and they are all worth telling,” said sophomore Evelyn Hauer.
“Diversity is a way of showing your differences in your community. We should just show people our differences in what we do no matter what it takes,” said senior Trent Sawyer.
Jenny Anderson, sponsor of the group, tells how it’s vital to let the students celebrate their heritage.
“We know that many students come from different religious, ethnic, sexual orientations, and identity backgrounds. This is their time to really show how it’s impacted their life,” Anderson said.
The variety show, which was hosted on March 21, includes many activities and chances to showcase.
“We will hosted 10-15 events that night with performers, models, dancers, singers, and poets to celebrate different beliefs, ideas and cultures. We set up booths to help get students and other people in the community involved with different activities or clubs that celebrate their different individuals and their identity,” Hauer said. “The details are still up in the air at this point on a lot of these ideas, but we were also trying to get WGN News to help promote the event.”
Students know more than ever how diverse the school can be.
“GNHS lets you be who you want to be, whatever makes you happy. It’s really important to show diversity because it’s great to to know all the different types of people we get to meet,” Sawyer said.
“North also has many different clubs like French Club, German Club, Sign Language Club, all to celebrate and recognize the different languages or way to communicate and food that may come from a specific area of the world,” Hauer said.
Knights Way also hosted more movie showings every Thursday after school this month.