Students attend Winter Gala


This years’ winter gala was the first ever combined dance between Grayslake North and Central High Schools. Combining the winter dances are going to be a new tradition for the high schools. The dance was held at Central this year, but it has been decided that the dance will alternate every year so next year North will host the winter dance. The gala had auctions going on all throughout the night and the all proceeds went to Save a Pet. The students danced in the large gym and there was food in the small gym.

“Olive Garden catered for us. They had salad, breadsticks and pasta. And then there was a dessert table with all sorts of desserts. The food was pretty good,” said sophomore Zach Chamberlain.

There were lots of auctions going on for Save a Pet with lots of baskets full of goodies to bid on.

“I didn’t bid on anything, but I really wanted to. There was actually some really cool things in the baskets like Six Flags tickets. I didn’t know this was for Save a Pet, but when I found out, I really wanted to bid on something,” said sophomore Natasha Davila.

There was an upbeat energy in the room with a lot of people dancing, singing along, and having a wild night.

“I had a blast. I had fun with all of my friends, and it was just a really good night to let loose and dance all night,” Davila said.