Girls varsity basketball season comes to an end at regionals

The varsity girls basketball team had regionals, with a win on Mondays game against Deerfeild and a loss on the Wednesday game against Lake Forest High School.


“Regionals are important because it gives us another opportunity to prove something to other teams. Especially not having a winning record this season, I believe it motivated us to want to put everything we have out on the court during our regional games ,” said junior Margaret Stanfel.


Monday’s and Wednesday’s games brought people to come in and cheer the team on as the girl’s basketball season is coming to an end.


“Getting people to come out and cheer us on even though it was a school night is something I look forward to during the week,” said junior Savannah Guenther.


Monday’s game against Deerfield was a fair competitive game for the varsity team in which they won and Wednesdays game was also competitive although it did end in a loss.


“The game on Monday went well. We worked together and had a ton of confidence going in. On Wednesday we tried our best but just got beat by a good team, but it was still fun to compete,” said sophomore Faith Standerski.


With regionals being the end of the season, the last few games are a great time to come closer with teammates.


“The best part is spending time with the team. We were really close this year and we have a bunch of great memories. I’m really going to miss this group,” Guenther said.


The varsity team had a great season this year and the two regional games had brought the team even closer than they were before, helping them to play competitive games.


“I think what brings the team together for regionals is just after all the hard work we put in through the season, regionals is a time for us to show that. Also wanting to do it for the seniors, we just didn’t want to end it to end in the first round and keep pushing through as many games as we could,” Stanfel said.