Work ethic pays off for boys basketball

The art of teamwork is not something new the varsity boys basketball team. Their work ethic in the team is continuing to pay off.
“Their dedication and work ethic [is important]. This year we also have a very unselfish group, and it is great to see kids make personal sacrifices for the good of the team, which isn’t an easy thing to do,” said head boys basketball varsity coach Todd Grunloh.
Every player puts in work to play in the games due to the intense atmosphere.
“The games are very loud and the atmosphere is incredible. We are very lucky to have such a good super fan section and supportive parents. Practices are very competitive because everyone is fighting for a spot to play in games. We drills and scrimmage/game situations,” said senior varsity player Alexander Cisneroz.
As a team, the players and coaches set team and individual goals.
“Some team goals would have to be win every game and play with 100 percent effort, and an individual goal for myself would be to get a basketball scholarship and play my hardest,” said sophomore varsity player Jamon Thomas.
Aside from all the competitions, the “Off The Court Challenges” have helped others get a view on who the players actually are.
“‘Off The Court Challenges’ are great. Too many times people see players and coaches and struggle to see them outside of the competitive moment, but we all love a good laugh. This has been a great experience for the coaching staff, school, and community to see our athletes in a different way,” Grunloh said.
The basketball team has had highs and lows from the seasons so far, but the hard work and effort they are putting in, with the help of the coach, is helping them all to achieve their goals.
“I think the game that turned our season around was a very competitive game against Carmel (47-53). Carmel has had an outstanding season and many highly regarded basketball players. We came out with a point to prove and established a very physical tone. From that point on, we have played great competition and had some good wins, none bigger than [the game against] Grayslake Central (45-44),” Grunloh said.