Lakers hockey team maintains winning record


Hockey is a sport that is still popular among students in our area, even if most high schools don’t have an official team provided for them. Luckily, two local travel hockey teams, Lakers and Vipers, are available for students who go to Grayslake North, Grayslake Central, Antioch, Lakes and Grant.
Sophomore, Brendon Rylander, plays for the Lakers. He is a left wing.
“I like the sport of hockey because it’s full contact and it’s fast paced,” Rylandersaid.
Rylander has been playing hockey for 12 years and hasn’t thought of stopping since. He started playing floor hockey when he was younger and made the decision to play on the ice. He looks up to Patrick Kane, a professional hockey player who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks. He even hopes to play in the NHL one day.
“I look up to him because he represents the way I play right now,” Rylander said.
This season, the Lakers have had winning record of 9-1.
Another sophomore, Brayden Napoli, plays for the Vipers as a goalie for the team.
“I got into hockey because I like the speed and the physicality,” Napoli said.
Friends of Brayden got him into playing hockey. The Vipers have a record of 12-10-3. Napoli’s two favorite players from the NHL are Jonathan Quick and Braden Holtby.
“Jonathan Quick is one of my favorite players because he’s a good goalie and I’m a goalie, so I look up to him,” Napoli said.
Head coach for the Lakers, Nick Cosmano, has been coaching hockey for 12 years. Coach Cosmano always tells his team to work hard and put in everything you got .
“Play for your teammates from the left and right from you. Play for your family and make this team proud,” Cosmano said.