Station hires for advertising voice overs

The standard job for high schoolers might be as a lifeguard, waitress, or even in retail. However, some teens have the opportunity to earn a unique job, for example at a radio station.
“I came across this job through a family friend. My aunt knew the people for about 20 some odd years, who hired me, it’s been a while,” said sophomore Eli Keane.
This is how he came across his current job, speaking for ads for business at a radio station.
“I work about once a month. Since there are a few ads that want to use a teen voice, I don’t really work all that often. But I do multiple ads in one day,” Keane said.
Keane is not tied down to one specific station. Instead, he works for different companies that promote their own ads. They’ll write their own ads, and Keane will speak them. If they like the ad, they’ll contact a radio station to put it on air.
“It’s super super freaky to know strangers listen to me. After I do an ad, it typically doesn’t sound like me,” Keane said. “I’m always afraid that something I say is going to turn into a weird internet meme. I don’t know it’s a really weird fear I have.”
Keane has also discovered other interests after starting working.
“[I became interested in] slam poetry, because being able to learn how to say things more phonetically has really helped find my voice. There’s a certain slam voice that a lot of people have, and it’s really helped doing this to find my own,” Keane said.
Although he finds his job interesting and refreshing, he doesn’t see himself making a career out of it.
“I would not mainly because I really don’t think I’d be able to sustain living on it. I know a lot of people do, but it’s not something I’m truly passionate about,” Keane said.