Renaissance Faire offers summer jobs

A young boy carries himself with importance as he walks through the dusty streets, leading a crowd of people all shouting a song off-key. In his hands is an average looking potato. A signature has been carved into it with a knife, and he has been tasked with delivering it to the Band of the Twisted Claw, one of the teams in RenQuest, the live action role play. Holding back a laugh, he passes it to the leader of the Band. Everyone behind him bursts into cheers.
Junior Quinn Armstrong has worked at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for four years. He and many others share how much fun the fair is to work at during the summer.
“I walk the parade route for Mystic Moon Media,” Armstrong said. “I also do the live action role play.”
Lain Ostergaard, an eighth grader in a different school district, offers a different perspective. He is a volunteer on the entertainment cast at the Renaissance Faire, which is holding auditions February 24 and 25. More information is on the official website, He works at the Dirty Duck Inn, a food co-op for the other workers at the faire.
“It’s a lot of fun. It’s a great community, and even when you’re on stage during the day, if you’re just like, depression, they’re like, have a cookie!” Ostergaard said. “And everything’s suddenly better!…It’s a really supportive community, and even the bad guys are great. The bad guys also have epic guyliner if you ever get to see them up close.”