Mr. Wolter & Ms. Tomasello

The workplace is somewhere you would never expect to find a relationship, but for some couples, that’s how it all starts. After one semester of working, Mr. Jesse Wolter and Ms. Jill Tomasello’s relationship began.
A semester of hanging out led to their first date, which happened to be on Valentine’s Day. They have been together for about seven and a half years, with one kid and one on the way.
“We hung out a lot during the first semester, but our first date probably wasn’t until second semester of his first year, on Valentines Day,” Tomasello said.
Though they both work in the same school, they teach in different departments.
“We hardly ever see each other during the day due to our schedules, but our vacation schedules are the same, so planning what to do during breaks is so much easier,” Wolter said.
Both share a passion for teaching and are able to relate to each other’s happiness and frustrations. I think it also makes it easier to see and understand how much we love kids,” Tomasello said. “I think it also gives us a great way for us to share our passions with others. I also like that we always have something or someone to talk about.”
They also understand each other’s struggles that deal with teaching.
“We try to keep our baggage from work away at school, but we both know it’s there, yet we never let it get in the way. It’s helped us really understand each other,” Wolter said.
Though they teach in different fields, they are open to attempting to teach each other’s classes.
“Yes, I think that would be really fun! However, I think that some students would be surprised to find out that I might be a bit more hard on them in PE then Mr. Wolter is,” Tomasello said.
“Sure, I’d give it a try. I like to cook, and I think it’d be fun,” Wolter said.