Mr. & Mrs. Wood

Picture this. You’re married to the love of your life and then imagine working with them and getting to see them throughout day.
“We met on the first day of college,” said P.E. teacher Steve Wood. “We went to Wartburg College. She was an athletic training major.”
The Woods started dating in college and got married after they had graduated.
“We have two boys. One named Dalton, he’s a sophomore, and the other is Brock, who’s in eighth grade,” said Mr. Wood.
Although the Woods are both P.E. teachers at the same school, they don’t always have time to see each other throughout the day because they both teach different classes.
“A very long time ago we both taught freshman classes, so sometimes we would combine our classes, so I would see her then, but I haven’t taught a freshman class in years,” said Mr. Wood.
Mr. Wood explains that working together is easier in certain aspects.
“Working together, it doesn’t hurt the relationship, but it’s nice to talk about positive or negative things that might be going on in the school,” said Mr. Wood. “I think a big pro is that we both have the same days off and the same breaks so it’s easier to plan stuff. I think a con might be if something negative is happening in the school, it’s negative for the both of us.”
Mrs. Wood explains that she likes working with her husband and how working together affects them at home.
“If I’m worked up about something and he’s worked up about the same thing, it’s good and bad because we both understand how each other feels, but it also causes both of us to be worked up,” said Mrs. Wood.