Girls swimming performs well at Conference meets

The Grayslake North swim team competed at both Conference and Sectional meets this November, in order to test their skill against other high schools after a year of hard work and training.

This year’s girls swim team consisted of sophomore Ioana Pintescu, and freshman Amelia Attwood, who both competed at Conference on November 9, and Sectionals on November 16.

“Together as a team, North did exceptionally well considering it was only Ioana and I. I personally feel proud of how I did. I did personal best times in both of my events and made my goal time in the 200 freestyle,” Attwood said.

Both swimmers succeeded not only as a team, but within their personal goals as well.

“I’m pretty sure I got tenth place in Sectionals and am going to Regionals for club. We did pretty well considering we only had two people on the team,” Pintescu said.

Swimming is a yearlong sport, and for this year’s swim team, the hard work and training paid off.

“To succeed in swimming you have to be not only physically strong but mentally strong. There are countless practices and the season [is] year round, six days a week or more,” Attwood said.

At both the Conference and Sectional meets, the stadium is filled with people from all different schools.

“The students who swim for high schools swim for clubs in the area where they compete.  They then enter the high school meets,” said athletic director Tina Woolard.

Students swim for the YMCA and other specific swimming clubs around Illinois, but in any race, fans scream and shout, pushing their team to be the best.

“I would say [the crowd] partially affects your swimming because they are the ones who pump you up before your races, [but] when you’re swimming it’s like the crowd isn’t even there, it’s just you, the clock, and your competitors,” Attwood said.

The boys swimming season begins this spring, and the school hopes they have the same success as the girls swimming team did. For now, the girls continue to train throughout the year until the high school meets next year.