New law benefits students, school community

Bill HB3215 came into effect as of Jan 1, 2018. The bill requires public schools to provide free feminine hygiene products to students in bathrooms.
In some high schools, students had no access to free feminine hygiene products, but for North this was not the case.
“For the last ten years, the school has been providing tampons in the nurse’s office,” said school nurse Anne Swiatek.
The school has always provided products in the nurse’s office because it helps forgetful students and students where price may be an issue.
“When the school provides the tampons for the students, they are able to utilize them when they forget to grab some from home preventing them from leaving school for the day,” Swiatek said.
With the new legislature, the school is now also required to supply feminine hygiene products in the bathrooms. The school installed feminine hygiene machines in the bathrooms over winter break.
“Students will have the opportunity in each one of the female bathrooms to receive products. Students are also able to receive them from the nurse’s office,” said associate principal of student services Megan Licht.
According to Licht, providing feminine hygiene products free of charge in more places around the school will help negate the effects of unsafe product use.
“Infrequent changing of tampons or pads is unhealthy, unsanitary and unsafe. Students should not feel like they can’t ask for these necessary products,” Licht said.