Pitch Perfect 3 review

Pitch Perfect 3 was a movie worth seeing. The movie, in my opinion, was a better production than the other Pitch Perfect movies because the storyline had a better theme. The theme of the movie was about teamwork, friendship and bonding. The Bellas work as a team to try to win in their next competition while having fun along the way.

The girls were strangers to each other in the first movie, but their friendship has progressed throughout the series. I didn’t end the movie with any questions about the series, which I liked since there won’t be any more movies to answer any questions. The difference between the third movie and the first two movies of the series is storyline.

The first two movies were relatively the same, the Bellas practiced and trained themselves for their competition. But this trilogy was different because it showed more of the Bellas on their own in the real world where they have to be adults.

The movie had a good twist that the other two movies didn’t have. The girls faced more challenges in the outside world, even more competition, and funny moments that will have you cracking up. The third movie couldn’t have ended better. There were no cliffhangers and all loose ends were tied up. This is definitely a movie I would see again.