Students play basketball at half-time of Windy City Bulls game


The Special Olympics team for Grayslake North had an opportunity to play during half-time for the Windy City Bulls.

The team played last Wednesday, December 6, at 10:00 a.m. Many students and staff were able to attend and cheer on the team.

“Playing in front of those people was really fun,” said Tim Ryno. Ryno has been playing basketball since he was young.

Teacher Katherine Young is a coach for the Special Olympics team.

“Special Olympics provides an opportunity for our athletes to experience teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and competition,” Young said.

The Grayslake North Special Olympics team was the first Special Olympics team to play during half-time at the Windy City Bulls game.

This was our first time playing at the Sears Centre for the Windy City Bulls during their half-time show, and we were the first Special Olympics basketball team to do this in general, which was very meaningful for us. We would love to play there again!” Young said.

Young enjoys her time coaching for this team and helping others.

“The kids, and the inclusive atmosphere. The biggest reason Special Olympics at D127 is always so fun and exciting in part is because our students demonstrate unwavering positivity and dedication to their team,” Young said.

Megan Sternberg has been the official coach for the Special Olympics team for the past two years. She has enjoyed her time coaching this team.

“There are no words that would do justice to how thankful I am to be a co-sponsor of this team. They constantly inspire me to reach new heights and set high expectations,” she said.