Students host Thanksgiving Feast


The Knightsgiving was a big hit this year, full of laughs, full of fun, full of memories.

On November 20, 80 people from North attended a big feast in celebration of Thanksgiving. This event was named Knightsgiving.

“Some of our kids don’t have big Thanksgiving dinners like that. We wanted to give them that Thanksgiving experience that some people don’t get. We also wanted to say thanks to our super supportive staff,” said Special Education Department Chair Kate Wicklander

Knightsgiving has always been a big celebration, but this year saw numbers like never before.

“I love it. It was way bigger than anyone expected. In past year we had 25 people come by but this year we counted 80 people,” Wicklander said.

The Knightsgiving was a very welcoming and positive place and no one was left out of conversations.

“We had conversation sheets to help conversations start. We hoped that everybody felt a part of the Knight family,” Wicklander said.

The conversation starters were a great way to break the ice for those who want to talk to people they didn’t know

“I hope everyone got to meet new people and felt included,” Wicklander said.

Knights Giving had lots of food, people, laughter, and everybody seemed to be having a great time.

“My favorite part was watching everybody talk,” Wicklander said.