Stranger Things Review

Most people know about the hit television series “Stranger Things” by Matt and Ross Duffer, especially now that season two was released on Oct 27. Season one follows the group of friends Mike, Lucas, and Dustin in the search for their missing friend Will with the help of the mysterious girl Eleven.

The mystery was wrapped up in season one when a monster from what the characters called the “Upside Down” was vanquished, making season two both interesting and tedious. It spends several episodes in the beginning with exposition and setting the scene, which makes it boring. The second season has the main characters split up, and although beloved characters get redemption arcs, characters that were once people you were rooting for became annoying, tedious, dull, and even mean.

The season started off with a powerful beginning, revealing more characters with different powers, but they are brushed to the side and ignored for a frustrating amount of time. In season two’s defense, there wasn’t much more they could add. They had wrapped up the story in season one, making the rest of the season seem like grasping at threads.

Sadly, there are instances when viewers are left wincing. The infamous kissing scene in the last episode between Max and Lucas was revealed to be against the will of Sadie Sink, the actor of Max. It was only added in purposefully after Sink said that she was uncomfortable with it to Ross Duffer.
Aside from that, it is worth a watching, but it moves slowly and doesn’t live up to the expectations other people are giving it. As soon as someone pulls back the curtain, they will be appalled. But for the average person, it’s a decent show.