Manav Bhagat

Manav Bhagat is a junior who celebrates a Hindu holiday called Festivals on January 14 and 15.
“It a holiday many regions in India get to celebrate with kites, food, and parties.” Bhagat said.
Friends and family gather around for a day to relax and have some fun. The day is often hot which lets everyone stay outside.
“We usually have a kite running tournament, but it’s just for fun. We run around and try to steal other kites until there is only person left,” Bhagat said.
The kites are designed after animals, like dragons, and are extremely colorful and with lots of detail.
“Back in India, my friends and I will go to the store and spend tons of money just on kites,”Bhagat said.
The day before, people will prepare traditional food like Chikki, a dessert made from ground nuts. During the two days, people will spend the day relaxing with their friends and family and watching the sun set.
“The sky in India won’t just be blue, but multi-colored. It’s so beautiful,” Bhagat said.
The actual festivals are groups of people listening to music and eating food, while children are playing with kites.To me, the festival is a time to have fun and be with the people I love,” Bhagat said.
Since coming to Illinois, Bhagat has found that January isn’t an ideal time to be flying kites.
“Sometimes we go South where the weather is warm enough to fly. I do miss spending this time in India,” Bhagat said