Students organize Holiday Help

The dean’s office organizes a program called Holiday Help to help the school and community.
Dean’s secretary Evelyn Amelio organizes this program for families in the school.Helping out other people is no stranger to Amelio since she has been doing this Holiday Help event for six years.
“Families send letters thanking us,” Amelio said. “We went to a family’s house to buy them groceries because the family said they didn’t have food.”
Social worker Joseph Alger helps families in the event.
“We seek to provide gifts for families in need,” Alger said.
Many people have been participating every year.
“I have been participating in the program since I started working at North four years ago, and it has been running longer than that,” Alger said.
Alger has always been into helping those in need.
“The holidays are an important time to think about those in need, and I first remember contributing gifts to others when I was in kindergarten,” Alger said.
Junior Carley Edwards has just recently started participating in Holiday Help.
“This is my first year being involved with this program, and I plan on doing it next year,” Edwards said.
Edwards believes that people should give back.
“ I help the community because I believe that we should give back and be kind to others.
I love helping others. For this particular project, PSP got me involved with it. It’s a great service class!” Edwards said.
Carley has also received letters back to her by saying thank you for the gifts.
“I believe some families have written back expressing their gratitude for this project,” Edwards said.