Knights in Shining Armor


Seniors Erin McBriarty and Alexis Pascascio won awards for the work they have done for communities in need. McBriarty is the winner of the Philanthropic Youth of Today award, and Pascascio was nominated for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Award.
McBriarty was awarded the Philanthropic Youth of Today award for her work with the Ronald McDonald House, where they built an art library called Project ArtBox. She raised several thousand dollars’ worth of supplies from donations alone.
“I got over 13,000 dollars of supplies like pens, pencils, origami paper, and other craft supplies,” McBriarty said.
McBriarty was one of the many nominees from Wisconsin, and she officially was honored at the ceremony on Nov. 20 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
“If you’re really looking for the award, you have to do nice things for people without just wanting the award,” McBriarty said.
Although she did not receive money for her success, this award does show on college applications. Other areas, such as New England, do offer scholarship money for the winner.
“I didn’t do my Gold Award expecting money or scholarships or even to win this award,” McBriarty said. “I saw a need and I fulfilled it.”
She also achieved her Girl Scout Gold Award for Project ArtBox, which is what caused her to be nominated in the first place.
“My Girl Scout thing was based on charity and volunteerism. The person I was doing it with at Ronald McDonald House nominated me for it,” McBriarty said.
Pascascio also was nominated for an award because of her work. Her book, “I Am Me,” caused her to be nominated for NAACP.
Her 28-page long paperback supports diversity in young children, as well as having some themes about handling discrimination.
“My book is about diversity and accepting yourself no matter who you are,” said senior Alexis Pascascio.
The NAACP award honors African American people that made incredible progress with diversity in the media. Popular winners are celebrities such as Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams, and the movie “Hidden Figures” is also a winner.
“It’s an award for African Americans who have done great things,” Pascascio said. “You get nominated and people vote for you.”
Pascascio received the nomination letter in September through the mail. She also will attend an awards show to encourage kids and show them that they can make it too.
“I was shocked when I found out I was nominated, but then overall I was happy,” Pascascio said.